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  • Call and Buy Service
    Call and Buy ServiceCall and Buy from Trela Nimata and !!!!! Are you unfamiliar with online shopping? No problem !!!! Call and Buy service from Trela Nimata is here for you. Call 2310-720981 (store hours) and we'll take care of what you need! We are waiting for you !
  • Distinctions
    DistinctionsOur company stood out among thousands of others last year for its service and the services provided. And that's thanks to you for trusting us and voting for us! Thank you very much !!!
  • Handmade COZZI Premium Handbag Materials
    Handmade COZZI Premium Handbag MaterialsUnique handmade bag materials exclusively from the series COZZI Premium! Only here in exclusive cooperation we manufacture our handmade Cozzi Premium materials and we offer them to get to know the unsurpassed quality of their manufacture

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  • Discover our creations, get inspiration and start!In order for a product to arrive at the e-shop, we must first have it tested and evaluated.   In our Creations section, you will see our constructions using our materials, which is designed to give you ideas and to show you how it will be the end result. Discover the magical world of creation, while we will provide you with everything you need.
    Discover our creations, get inspiration and start!
  • Free ShippingWith purchases of products worth 70 € and over (not including shipping), FREE shipping of your order!
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