Crochet Hook

  • Golden Metallic Chain
    Golden Metallic Yarn is a Greek company manufacturing high quality gold threads that has been active in the field since 1989. In addition to high quality gold threads, it produces tresses, lace, soutas and sewing items. In 2014 he enters the field of embroidery and textiles dynamically, buying the company KYKNOS. 
  • Madeira Lame Yarn
    The world-famous gold thread and reliability of the company Madeira with complete sets to work to create you the appropriate gold thread.
  • Brissimi yarns from 100% vegetable silk for lace making on silk fabrics and curtains
    Brisimi - Vegetable Silk
  • Selected 100% Microfiber Threads for Unlimited Creations. Pleasant, light and elastic yarn with hypoallergenic properties
    Yarn YarnArt Tulip
  • RICO Essentials Yarn
    Full set of RICO Design crochet yarns. Over time and very durable with no trace of stains.
  • Altin Basak Yarns
    Lace-up made of excellent quality mercerized cotton in 100 gr. with 1015 meters of endless creation.